How much money should a TRADER can INVEST in TRADING

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Capitalisation of a trader


If you are decided to take day trading or positional trading as a living a significant amount of money is essential in your hand. Trading as a living means in that platform you can become your own boss you can set your own time and there is no need to deal with difficult people and you can work in your own comfort zone in your home….So what is the real amount of money that one needs to start a trading carrier??And what is the real capital do one need to invest to start a secure and comfort living without a regular job?? The real fact is that there is no simple answer to all these questions.. Because the financial background of different peoples are different. And their needs are also different. If you want to test hot water then the first thing you do is take a sample. So first take some sample water and then continue…..i.e., if you are testing the sample water you can start with little amount. And if you are take trading seriously then you should have enough capital and commit enough time to work out. At least for 10 months or for a year.

First you will require 20% down in cash before you made an attempt. first start from a bit and then to bytes and so on…start trading with a small part of your income, Of course all your income just stays in there except what you pull out from your personal salary to yourself. And of course If you choose day trading as a living is far more rational to improve yourself in life. Until you become confident and secure financially  you can build up your trading skills and also can develop your trading account. A trading profession scales your wealth very well. There exists a number of trading techniques and methods that are cost-effective and apt in all the level.

Before starting to think about doing positional trading secure yourself from unexpected events by keeping emergency fund in hand. Although there were so many disputes among experts about the amount of money needed in this fund the consent is that you must be able to sustain yourself for 3 to 6 months from this emergency fund. Only Under some circumstances you should think about depositing your in options, given that this fund should only be placed in such accounts where there is a less risk attached to them.

Stop over thinking about why we should need such type of emergency fund? And once your emergency fund is ready you can start optioning. If there were any additional amount that is not a part of your emergency account that savings can also be used as a part of your option trading. If you really want to make from thousands of dollars to tens of millions from trading, give yourself some time to prepare yourself for your trading is very important. It will take few months  for some traders  and for some others it will take a year. That is why; keeping some emergency fund is a good idea while you become steady in trading. Test your trading with a small amount and until you understand work on piling it up.


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