Identifying the Qualities of Successful Day Trader in FOREX, MCX, NSE

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Identifying the Qualities of Successful Day Traders in FOREX, MCX, NSE, COMEX

Qualities of Successful Day Trader

Successful traders are a extraordinary breed. They can be gruff and rough, since they act quick against a market that has definitely no consideration for them for all their harsh outside, they keep up strict order about how they approach their trading day and what they do during market hours.

The discipline begins with a plan for how to start the day, including reviews of news events and trading patterns. It includes keeping track of trades made during the day, to help the trader figure out what works and why. Also, it relies on cutting losses as they occur, reaping all profits that appear,  and refining a set of trading rules so that tomorrow will be even better. No, this strategy isn’t as much fun as just jumping in and placing orders, but it’s more likely to lead to success.

Not everyone can be a day trader, nor should everyone try it. In this section,  we discover some of the qualities that the best day traders possess.


For the most part, day traders work by themselves. Computers and monitors are relatively inexpensive, high-speed broadband Internet connectivity is easier to get, and many brokerage firms provides competitive brokerage and other facilities to the needs of traders who are working by themselves – all of which leaves the day trader at home, alone, stuck in a room with nothing but the computer screen for company. Being alone all day may be boring and make it hard to concentrate. Some people can’t handle it.

But other traders succeed on being alone all day, because it brings out their best performance. They know that their trading depends on them alone, not on anyone else. The trader has sole liability when something goes bad, but he also gets to keep all the rewards. He can make his own decisions about what works and what doesn’t, with no horrible boss or irritating corporate drone telling him what he needs to do today.

If the idea of being in charge of your own business and your own trading account is thrilling, then day trading may be a good career option for you.

 What if you want to trade but don’t want to work by yourself? Consider going to work for a brokerage firm, a hedge fund, a mutual fund, or a commodities company. These businesses need traders to manage their own money, and they usually have large numbers of people working together on their trading desks to share ideas, cheer each other on, and give each other support when things go wrong.

 No matter how independent you are, your trading will benefit if you have friends and family to offer you support and support. That system can help you better manage the emotional aspects of trading. Besides, celebrating your trade success is more fun with someone else!

 Intelligence in Day Trading

Day trading is a game of minutes. An hour may as well be a decade when the markets are moving fast. And that means a day trader can’t be deliberative or scared. When it’s time to buy or sell, it’s time to buy or sell, period. Many investors prefer to spend hours doing a careful study of a security and markets like FOREX, MCX, NSE, COMEX, MCX SX etc before investing. Some of these people are extremely successful.  Day Traders should have enough trust in their trading system and enough experience in the markets and trading software to act quickly when they see a buy or sell opportunity from WinTrader Buy Sell Signal Software. Many brokerage firms offer their clients competitive brokerage that enable traders to trade with micro/mini lots with WinTrader Trading Systems before committing actual trades in main lots, helping them learn to recognize market patterns that signal potential profits.

A day trader with a great technical analysis system is most important for trade success. Some of buy sell signal and technical analysis software offer plug-in that executes trades automatically whenever certain market conditions occur. For many traders looks for automatic trades are a perfect way to take the emotion out of a trading strategy but finally they will end up in ultimate loss. A professional trader dislikes this type of trading, because it takes some of the fun out of the job. You might miss the important trades and opportunities, successful traders find the whole process to be a good time.

Determination of Day Traders

Day traders have to act fast, so they also have to be able to make decisions rapidly. You can’t wait until next day to see how the charts play out before committing capital. If you see an opportunity, you have to go with it on the same time. In the same time what if the decision made is a wrong one? Well, of course some decisions are going to be wrong. That’s the risk of making any kind of an investment, and without risk, there is no return. The risk and reward is directly related, when there is more risk, and then the reward will be more. Anyone trading in the markets has to accept the risk and reward ratio.

But two good day-trading practices help limit the effects of making a bad decision and the must follow practices to win day trading.

1.       The first is the use of stop and limit orders, which automatically close out losing positions.

2.       The second is closing out all positions at the end of every day, which lets you start fresh the next day.

If you have some downside protection in place, you’re more sensitively prepared to make the decisions you need to make in order to earn a profit. And if you’re one of those people who has a hard time making a decision, day trading probably isn’t right for you.

So much mythology surrounds day trading: Day traders lose money. Day traders make money. Day traders are insane. Day traders are cold and rational. Day trading is easy. Day trading is a direct path to alcoholism and ruin.

In this section, I have broken a few day trading myths. Someone has to do it, right? You find both good news and bad news in this section about day trading, so read it through to get some perspective on what, exactly, you can expect from day trading.

Day Trading is not investing

While swing traders hold positions for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, and investors hold their positions for long term, like someone looking to hang onto their stocks for years or decades and maybe even hand them down to their kids, but day traders never hold a position for more than a day.

That concludes day trading is most definitely not investing. Day traders perform an important function to the capital markets because day traders are the key points in price changes that bring the supply and demand of the market into balance. Day trading, however, doesn’t create new sources of funding for companies and governments. It doesn’t generate long term growth.

 Just because day trading is not investing does not mean day traders do not have investments elsewhere. Many day traders withdraw their trading profit on a regular interval and put into investments, helping them build a long term portfolio for their retirement or for other ventures they may want to take on. Still, because investing and trading have different mindsets, chances are the trader will have someone else manage this money.

Day Trading is not gambling

One of the biggest rumors on day trading is that it is like gambling. And as everybody knows, or should know, in gambling, the chances always favor the company. That’s not the case with day trading, however. Read the below points:

 In day trading, the chances are even in all markets like Currency/Commodity/Stocks. The options and futures markets, for example, COMEX, MCX, NSE Futures & Options, MCX SX, NCDEX are zero sum markets with as many winners as losers, but those markets also include people looking to hedge risk and who thus have lower profit expectations than do day traders.

The stock market like NSE & BSE has the potential for more winning trades than losing trades, especially over the long run. For this reason, the stock market is not a zero sum market, like options and futures markets. In the stock market, the chances are somewhat more in the trader’s favor.

 In all markets, the prepared and disciplined trader can do better than the hysterical, imamture trader. That’s not the case when gambling, because no matter how prepared the gambler is, the casino has the upper hand.

 People with gambling problems sometimes turn to day trading as a socially acceptable way to feed their obsession. If you know you have a gambling problem or suspect you are at risk, taking up day trading is probably not a good idea for you. Day traders who are closet gamblers tend to make bad trades and have trouble setting limits and closing out at the end of the day. They turn the chances against themselves.

Day Trading is not dangerous with maintaining proper risk reward ratio

Lot of day traders loses money, and some lose everything that they start with. Others don’t lose all of their trading capital; they just decide that there are better uses of their time and better ways to make money. A responsible trader works with risk capital, which is money that he/she can afford to lose. She uses stop losses to minimize his/her losses, and he/she always closes out at the end of the day. She understands the risks and rewards of trading, and that keeps him normal.

 Many day trading strategies depends on leverage, which is the use of rented money to increase potential returns. Leverage carries the risk of the trader losing more money than is in his account. However, brokerage firms, which don’t want that to happen, will probably close a leveraged account that’s in danger of going under. That’s good, because it limits your potential loss.

It’s not easy Along with the relatively low rate of success, day trading is really stressful. Concentrating on the markets and knowing that real money is at stake takes a lot of energy. The profit amounts on any one trade are likely to be small, which means you have to be persistent and keep placing trades until the end of the day. Some traders can’t handle the stress. Some get bored. Some get frustrated. And some can’t believe that they can make a living doing something that they love.

Yes, most day traders fail – about 80 percent in the initial stage. But so do a large percentage of people who start new businesses or enter other occupations what will be the winning rates, don’t you think about that. That is why I have scrutinized several different reports and databases to show how well people do in other fields. As per the study the winning rate of day traders are equal with the ratio with the people who start new businesses. The risk always there, but with proper knowledge and a good technical analysis software that can guide a trader for perfect buy and sell entries have more chance to become a professional successful trader.

Day trading is not easy, but in the mean time it is not at all impossible to make money from day trading. You can improve your chances of success by taking the time to prepare and by having enough money to fund your initial trading account with the support of best performing technical analysis software like WinTrader. During the initial stage, you may suffer trading losses, but that doesn’t mean that you will suffer total loss in your day trading. Knowing that you can cover your basic expenses will give you more confidence, and that can help your performance.

 Even though day trading is a difficult profession, many day traders can’t imagine doing anything else. The simple fact is that a lot of occupations are difficult ways to make a living, and yet they are right for some people. Every career has its advantages and disadvantages, and day trading is no different. In day trading once you get in track, and then the reward will be huge compared to any other business. Only the thing you need is give professional approach in day trading.

Hope after reading this blog, you should have a good sense of whether or not day trading is right for you. If you realize that it’s the career you have been searching for, you can find lots of good and our support team will guide you to pick highly accurate buy sell signals with WinTrader technical analysis software and make consistent profit from trading in Commodity /Share / Currency markets like FOREX, MCX (India), NSE (Stocks, Futures, Options), MCX SX, NCDEX and COMEX markets.

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