An overall analysis of Benefits and Risks involved in the Forex market

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benefits and risks involved in the forex market


Forex trading means trading in foreign exchange market which is a global decentralised or over the counter market for the trading of currencies. This includes all aspects of buying selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. Before invest real capital start trading in forex with a demo account. So that you can proceed a free trading and can decide if forex trading is suitable for you. 

Once you track the forex trade and get started making good profit on your demo account, then you can go live with a real forex account there by you can limit your losses. World’s largest financial market is the Forex market. So trading in forex market is not a simple way to make profit. Trading in the forex is not done at one central location but is conducted between participants through electronic communication networks and phone networks in various markets around the world.

There are some unique advantages in forex trading. The 24 hours market is one of the advantages in forex trading. Forex market is a worldwide market. Wherever market open in the world then trading continues. Forex market is a high liquidity market. Liquidity is the sudden conversion of an asset into cash. In forex trading you can convert a large amount of money into and out of foreign currency. It has low transaction cost. Spread is used in forex; it is the buying and selling price difference because the cost for transaction is built into prices.

Trade the market using leverage. Forex Brokers allow traders to do this. By using leverage trader’s can trade with more money than what they had. If you set your leverage ratio as 50:1 then for every $1 in your account you can trade for $50 in the market. This means for every $1000 of capital you can control a trade of $50,000. This is one of the important advantages of forex market that you can start trading even with a small amount of initial capital.

Another important benefit of the forex market is software advancement.  The main trading viewpoint is to buy low and sell high, but in Forex trading you can also sell high and buy low. This way, you can make profits on both upward and downward movement of the market. As it is the largest financial market there will be high volatility. Considerable losses occur when high volatility combined with high leverage. In some cases this will lead you into a big lose. So when you consider forex market you have to be more careful or get advices from an expert in advance.  Likewise other trading market, forex prices are provoked by short-and long-term supply and demand, this will results in quick and random movement of prices. Traders can use sound risk-management techniques and also can use stop-loss orders on each and every trade. This will help them to limit the maximum exposure they will have in any given position.

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