Why most traders fail in trading MCX, NSE, NCDEX, FOREX Markets?

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why most traders fail in trading


As you all know making consistent profit from trading in MCX, NSE, FOREX and all other financial markets under Commodity, Currency and Stock market segments is a hard task, but you can easily loss all your hard earned money if you not give any professional approach in trading. Nobody will taste the success without facing failure, there is no short cut in success, and this is a simple principle in everything in our life.

The main reason every trader making huge losses in trading starts with greed and then fear. The key emotional thing Greed will makes the trader’s mind that trading in financial market is simple and it’s an easy way to make huge amount of money in short time. With this emotional trap the trader will enter into the trading career without any proper study. They just know buy a particular stock, commodity or currency pair at low price and sell at high price and vice versa to make profit, this is correct but then why they are falling in big loss?. The best answer is like they are jumping in to a river without knowing to swim. Likewise they are entering into trading career without knowing anything about the trading and trading industry how it works, what are the things you need to know for enter and exit the trade? There is lot of thing to know before entering in to trading career in financial markets like MCX Commodities in India, NSE (Stocks, Futures, Options) in India, FOREX International Currency Pairs, etc.

Unfortunately there is no specific school or college to teach all those things about trading; all the professional traders are acquired knowledge from their experience. That doesn’t mean all the professional traders are continuously making profit from every trade,  there will no person like that, there will make losses but they know how to cover their losses and makes profit from other trader, this is the key point makes them a professional successful trader. So considering all the above we can say in one line like; If you want to become a professional trader you need to have professional approach and the courage to face losses in trading and deal the losses without emotional, then ultimately you will become a regular profit maker. Once you are in track of a professional trader’s mindset then sky is the limit, you can make good income from trading to achieve your goals and dreams like any other successful business do.

To be a successful trader and make consistent income from trading will not happen overnight. You have to prepare for that, you need to acquire maximum technical knowledge about your trading terminal and different order types, etc. Trading in financial market is not a hard work but it’s a smart work, you need to be smart enough to become a successful trader.


Will update you the step by step guidelines about the procedure; how professional traders are making consistent profit from trading in MCX, NSE, NCDEX and FOREX markets?

The following blog will give you idea about the common mistakes by traders at the early stages of his trading career.

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