Frequently Asked Questions

What is Win Trader Trading System?

Win Trader Trading system generates automatic buy/sell signals. You don't need any prior experience in Trading. Just follow our software and simple rules, you will become a Professional Trader and enjoy your financial freedom in a short time. No one can predict the market 100%, but we can predict the market with almost 90% accuracy with Win Trader Trading System. RI WinTrader displays current Short Term/Medium Term/Long Term trend on the screen and the give signals buy/sell in real time.

Have you developed this system for only Marketing?

No, actually we developed this Trading System (WinTrader) for our own trading purpose. And after the successful trading from last one year we are planned to market the system with simple modification that everyone can easily understand.

In which plat form Win Trader Trading System working?

Win Trader working on Meta Trader 4 Platform. Meta Trader is widely using by many brokers in Forex Trading.

What is the cost of Win Trader Trading System?

There is a one time payment of Rs. 18,500/- only for FULL PACK, with this investment you can use our system life time, and can trade on any commodity (MCX), scrip(NSE), NCDEX and Forex, there is no annual renewal fee for the software.

Any other charges using Win Trader?

For FOREX clients there is no any recurring charge, but for the Indian clients need to pay real time data charge monthly, We need Real Time data to run our software, not delayed data, our system needs to connect with directly to the server, for that we have to pay. We assure that we can arrange you data for MT4 from our data providers at a very low cost in market.

Real Time data includes  MCX, NSE Futures & Equities, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX, FOREX and SPOT (Gold & Silver)

Note: We are not real time data providers, we will arrange the same for you from legal vendor.

How do I make the Payment?

You can make the payment directly to our company account, you can transfer the amount to our account , if you pay by cash please deposit an additional Rs.200/- towards bank charges. Bank details will send to your mobile on request, CLICK HERE to send the bank details on your mobile

How do you Install the Software After Made the Payment?

Once the payment has been realized, we will install the software in your system by the help of Team Viewer, you just install the Team Viewer in your system, and let us know the id and password, and we will install the software in your system.

Can I use the system in more than One System?

No, the software designed to work with one login per one system. You can opt for two systems package if needed. For more details contact our sales department

Whether you will install demo on my system?

No, Its not possible to install the demo in your system, you can have demo on our system through desktop sharing software like "Teamviewer"

Will you Provide real time Demo?

Yes, We are giving free real time demo in Live Market, you can see the performance live through desktop sharing softwares like Teamviewer / Ammy Admin / Supremo Control, contact our sales department through contact form / live chat for demo and further details.

How can I contact you for get real time demo?


You can have a free demo online by desktop sharing softwares through our system, please contact us through any of following / Use live chat facility / Submit the contact form / Call us.



SKYPE: wintradersoft

Or Call Us: 
09061308080 (English)
09061973737 (Hindi)
09846699177 (Tamil)
09249273612 (Malayalam)

Whether I can trade NSE with Win Trader?

Yes you can, but we prefer to trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty futures. You need to pay only the real time data charge MCX & NSE real time data in one software no additional payment to software.

Whether I can trade in Currency market (FOREX) with this software?

Yes off course you can, but you can trade in foreign currency only, like EUR-USD, but our rule is restricted to trade in foreign currency pair, for trade in FOREX with foreign currency you have to open an account with a broker that outside India, After opening account with the broker the you can trade with the help of our signals in FOREX.

Whether the Paid amount is Refundable?

Customer have the facility to watch the real time demo before purchasing the software, so the amount once paid will not refund under any circumstances, we assure that you don't need to ask this after trading with our WinTrader.

How much money I can earn by using Win Trader Trading System?

It all depends up on your investment, the ability to take risk and your mentality. In our experience after 6 months of trading with our system you can double your investment in a month. For more details refer to our trading strategy tutorial

Whether I can trading in MCX/NSE/Forex by purchase single software?

Yes you can, with one time purchase of software you will get signals in MCX/NSE/Forex, all you need additional is real time data charge.

Whether I can avoid risk fully in trading while using Win Trader?

Risk always there, but with our trading system you can minimize your risk and increase your winning trade. So you can be in profit daily. Only the thing you have to do is, strictly follow our trading system, you don’t need to put any decision your own, you have to just follow the software and simple rules to win, then the reward will be huge.

Whether I get after sales support?

We Offer Life Time Support to Our Clients, you can reach us on Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 7.00pm. 

You can reach us on: ,

Skype: wintradersoft

OR Call Us : 

Which broker you prefer for trading?

Since we are giving full support for our customers, due to customer demand we glad to announce that we are now made agreement with One of Leading Broker in South India for Lowest Brokerage Plan, For Further Details click here
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